It’s the day of the final Japan vs Spain. The Doomsday.
Before the battle, the knight must confess his sins…
Will the old friendship be able to overcome the arduous trial?
Each and every one will know himself on the battlefield…

Characters: Tsubasa Ozora, Taro Misaki, Sanae Nakazawa

Friendship, romance, soccer

For all age

Intro: I’m waiting for my man


Ch. 1 – The betrayal of the first Knight

Ch. 2 – The green-eyed monster

Ch. 3 – Fight with angels

Ch. 4 – The heartquake

Ch. 5 – Camelot burns!

Ch. 6 – And the sun darkened

Ch. 7 – The dragoon and the phoenix

Ch. 8 – The most dreaded opponent

Ch. 9 – And the moon shall not give her light 

Break: Presumed innocent