If you enjoyed our stories, you can also read our original animated webcomic

about war, love and destiny in Italian Alps in 1917.

English, French and Italian versions.

♥ ♥ ♥



Il presente e il passato del Giappone, arte, cultura, vita quotidiana

e, soprattutto, un intero corso di lingua giapponese in questo ricchissimo e accurato sito italiano.



“Le site consacré a Captain Tsubasa”: scans, translations, summaries, videos.

Download the English translations and much more than this…

Captain Tsubasa, fansite by Shinji


Facebook page of Captain Tsubasa fan. Updates from new chapters.


Le site français avec scans, news, info, multimédia et tout ce que l’on a besoin sur le manga and les animes.

Scans, avatars, gifs à télécharger.



Foro Español de la mítica seríe Oliver y Benji (Captain Tsubasa). 

Con su página de Facebook.



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